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Click on the following links to help guide your through the online ordering process and to take advantage of some of the powerful tools that can help you manage your shipping needs. 



            1. Placing an order

            2. Creating a quote

            3. Setting up automatic email notification

            4. Creating EZ Ship one click ordering

            5. Creating multi-piece orders

            6. Batch Entry



            1. Tracking a package

            2. Tracking multiple pieces


    Account Preferences

            1. Setting up ordering defaults

            2. Editing the address book



            1. Generating order reports

            2. Creating a rate sheet

            3. Viewing invoices


Placing an order



To place an order, click on the Place an Order link (1) at the top of the page to navigate to the Place an Order screen. 


As noted near the top of the page, please fill in your delivery information in the bolded fields starting with Your Name (2) and continuing on until you have filled in all of the bolded fields on the screen.


Addresses can either be entered manually by filling in all of the bolded fields in both the Pickup Address and Destination Address or can be automatically filled in by clicking the Lookup link (3).


Though not listed in the picture above, the Notes section is the place to enter any special instructions or additional details that will help in the delivery process. This could include dropoff or pickup instructions, a description of the package(s) being picked up, or special requirements needed to complete the delivery.





The Vehicle field (4) is important in determining what vehicle is assigned to your delivery. If uncertain if your package(s) will fit into the vehicle you requested, it is recommended that the next largest vehicle be requested. 


The Service field (5) determines how quickly you would like your item(s) delivered. To determine the delivery time and price for each service level, the Quote button (9) near the bottom of the page can be clicked to show a listing of each service level, the due time and the price.


The Order References field (6) is typically used to enter in your internal references, purchase order numbers or tracking numbers. This field uniquely identifies your packages(s) to create a smooth delivery process.  


The Email Notification field (7) allows you to enter in three emails to receive a job notification. For each email address you can choose to receive a notification when the order is either Created, Picked Up, and/or Delivered.


Lastly, to finalize your order the last step is to click the Order button (8). A new  screen will popup to provide you with your Tracking Number to track your package online, and you can also print out a Bill of Lading to keep as your receipt or to place on the package for identification.



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Creating a quote

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Setting up automatic email notification

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Creating EZ Ship one click ordering

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Creating multi-piece orders 

Piece Detail Screenshot

To place an order with the Piece Detail option enabled, type in the number of pieces needing to be picked up in the Pieces field (1) and click the Tab button on your keyboard.

A new Piece Detail screen will popup, allowing you to type in reference information for each piece (2 & 3). Click the Done button (4) in the Piece Detail screen to finalize the information for your pieces. 

The Reference field (5) can still be used, but instead of entering piece information you can use the Reference field for billing information or internal tracking numbers.


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Batch Entry 

Batch Entry is an ordering entry tool for Customers with multiple shipments originating out of the same location all at one time. To activate Batch Entry please contact Delivery Express customer service at 888-895-1005 or info@deliveryexpressinc.com.

Batch Entry

To place an order with the Batch Entry option enabled, click on the Batch Entry (1) link and a new screen will appear. On this new screen, in the Location (2) box choose -ALL-. Change the order ready Date (3) if necessary.

In the Pieces Req'd (4) drop down box choose the type of detail you will be providing for each Piece. If you will be providing piece detail (Pcs ID, Desc, Wt) for each piece as is displayed in the example screenshot above (6), choose "Yes" for Pieces Req'd. If you will only be providing a total piece count without piece detail, choose "No" for Pieces Req'd. Now click the Find (5) button to display potential orders in the ordering frame (6).

In the ordering frame (6) type in the number of pieces and, if applicable, the piece detail (Pcs ID, Desc, Wt) in the Pieces field for the order(s) that you want to generate. Important: For an order to generate, a minimum of one (1) piece needs to be entered in the Pieces field. If you do not want an order to generate for that pickup and dropoff location leave the Pieces field blank.

After reviewing the information you have entered, click the Create (7) button to create the order(s). The Pieces column will then display "Processed" and will provide tracking numbers when you hover over that field. To track your items in more detail please go to the tracking multiple pieces section.

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Tracking a package

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Tracking multiple pieces 

Place an Order Screen - Piece Detail

After logging into the Delivery Express online ordering site you will land on the Place an Order page. Click the Detailed Tracking link (1) in the upper left corner to track your order and view the piece detail.

Detailed Tracking Screen - Piece Detail

On the Detailed Tracking page, choose the Account (1), the From Date and To Date (2), and any other filters needed to find your order(s); then click the Track It button (3).

The order(s) will then be displayed at the top of the page with basic order information. To view more detailed order information including the piece detail, click the Order # (4).

Order Detail Page - Piece Detail

The detailed order information will be displayed and will include the Piece Information (1). To view the Piece Detail click the Pieces column header (2).

Piece Detail Page - Piece Detail

The Piece reference information and stop times are displayed (1 & 2)


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Setting up ordering defaults

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Editing the address book

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Generating order reports

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Creating a rate sheet

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Viewing invoices 

View Invoices

To access your invoices login to our online ordering site and click on the Your Account link at the top of the screen. Then click the View Invoices link on the left side of the screen. 

View Invoice Color Code

All of your invoices will appear in a drop-down box, color-coded to indicate invoice status:

  • Paid invoices will appear with no color/regular text color
  • Unpaid invoices within 0-15 days will appear in green
  • Unpaid invoices within 15-30 days will appear in yellow
  • Unpaid invoices greater than 30 days will appear in red

  • To view an invoice simply choose the Invoice Number / Invoice Date from the drop down menu and click the Invoice button. The invoice will then be displayed in Adobe PDF.


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